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Generally, 1-2 months is a good rule of thumb. Lower systems can take as little as 30 days. Larger systems can take overhead of one time. For a more detailed explanation of our process, click then.

We offer exclusive design service only but we also help you during the execution process and accompany you at various stages till the site is finalized. You may want to choose your material vendors and labours from your own reference or from our list of preferred vendors and contractors. We also help you in selection process.

We charge you fixed design fees (no % based fees) for the entire project. The fees are fully independent of the material cost and does not vary at all. You get complete control over the budget. You can choose materials according to your choice and without worrying about the design fees as it not increases or decrease.

We recommend you to visit our office first and understand our concept, and work process before you finalize Design Mantra Interior Studio for designing your house. The registration process starts after you visit to Design Mantra Interior Studio office.

No! We don’t use any templatized designs nor copy any designs. All designs are custom made and designed according to your likes-dislikes, references, suggestions etc. If you would like see our design portfolio, we request you to go through our YouTube channel or Facebook profile to check our designs, concepts, and working style. Design Mantra Interior Studio is completing 15 years practice in this industry and we have a record of 100% client satisfaction.

Yes!! At each and all stage contractors present the budget to you before initiating any work. The contractors start work only after the budget is approved by you.

The starting price of home interiors in Aundh, Pune for a 2 BHK apartment is Rs. 3.57 Lacs. The cost may vary depending on the size of the space, scope of design, material selection, and so on. Find the best designer and get interiors according to your budget exclusively at Design Mantra Studio to live the best life in your dream home!

Being one of the top interior design firms in Aundh, Pune Design Mantra Studio offers its clients a move-in guarantee that assures you that all the modular solutions will be installed within a period of 45 days. To complete your full home interiors, we take around 90 days to complete your interior design project. However, the completion timeline may vary from project-to-project. Factors such as material availability, delivery, customer feedback, design approvals, etc., play an important role in determining the timeline. Please note that conditions may apply to the guarantee and the stipulated design timeframe.

We ask you to submit your business because we use an algorithm to find businesses! It tends to be accurate but on very rare occasions it will miss a business; this allows business owners the chance to rectify that mistake if we don't catch it ourselves. In addition, sometimes not all the information is available online, for example some awards may not show up, so we always recommend you submit your business information so we can ensure we have complete and accurate information.

We don't have one single source as we pull our information from all across the internet. If it's on the internet, we've probably seen it! We also receive emails from customers and have online partners to help collect information. Most business information (such as emails, phone numbers, addresses) are from the businesses directly.

Commercial interior designers are professionals who create and direct the construction of these commercial spaces. Commercial Interior Design Services in Pune have enhanced our ability to transfer our ideas into realities. Design Mantra being one of the best Commercial interior designers in Pune.

Residential interior designers focus on creating living spaces for homeowners. Unlike commercial interior design, where the needs of both business owner and customer should be considered, residential interior designers only focus on the needs, comforts and tastes of their client and their family. Design Mantra being one of the best Commercial and residential interior designers in Pune.