A few things about the best interior designer that you should know

Homesteading belongs to the past now. In this busy lifestyle, no one has the time to renovate the interior of their house on their own. And that is why we hire a bunch of people who can help you to redesign your home as per your choice and taste. Now, when it comes to redesigning or renovating your house, you will need to hire electricians, plumbers, drywallers, carpenters, and more, but the most important part will be played by the interior designer when it comes to renovating your house.
And to help you with the renovation and redesigning of your house, Design Mantra is here to get you to the best result. We as an experienced Residential Interior Designer in Pune have been providing our esteemed clienteles with the best personal and commercial property interior designing solution.


Space Planning
Addition Renovation & Remold
False Ceiling
Furniture, fixture, & equipment specifications & procurement
2D & 3D visulisation
Wallcovering & wallpanelling solution
Window / door treatment
Loose furniture (as per requirement)
Kitchen trolley
Plumbing solution
Electrical solution
Bathroom accessories & All Home accessories

What Sets us apart

Our work is described by our name. Mantra, derived from Hindi, signifies any particular sound, word, which is a chanted loop which helps in building concentration for a subject. And in Design Mantra, we focus on the core of designing by keeping in mind the various factors of interior designing that assist us to provide our clients with the best result.

Our team of experienced interior designers knows the difference between home interior designs and commercial interior designing which helps us to provide our clients with their desired result.

Our designers combine aesthetic, spirituality, and simplicity while sketching out a new design for a property. It helps us to build a meaningful environment that reflects sophistication and artistry

And one of the primary things that our team of experienced designers focuses on is detailing. We believe in the beauty of a sight is only visible when a person focuses on the detail. It will help to bring up the quality and at the same time helps us to ensure the satisfaction of our customers.

Our work is divided into six stages that help us to provide our customers with the best result.

Stage 1 consists of meeting the client and discussing in brief about their requirements and expectations. This helps us to understand the requirements of the client and plan accordingly.
Stage 2 consists of Quotation and drawing where all our charges are broken down in detail.
Stage 3 is a 3d presentation of our design
Stage 4 is selecting and buying the required materials
Stage 5 is the execution process
Stage 6 is handing over the redesigned property to the owner.