Tips to Decorate a Beautiful Bedroom

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Bedroom is one of the Important parts of home, where we can spend most of the time for relaxation. Bedroom is place where we can spend our personal time. So, the bedroom must be look beautiful and elegant, which express your favourite colours, feelings and collections. To decorate a room beautifully you need to remember some points as follows:

1.Choose subtle colour:  Choose silent shades instead of bold primary colours, remember colour theory; gentle hues of blue, lavender, or green are considered calm and serene. Dark shade colours sometimes make room look bulky whereas silent shade colours make room look brighter and bigger.  A subtle colour may help to room look elegant.

2. Don’t overlook the Ceiling:  
Ceiling is the fifth wall in a room. when you lie in Bed, you will see that fifth wall, add a subtle pattern and colour, paint the ceiling a slightly lighter than the side wall colours. This will help to visually lower the ceiling. There are other options are also available, you can also use wallpaper on the ceiling, add architectural elements in the form of beams or moulding or use a decorative paint treatment. For luxurious feel you can use Canopy or tented bed with a dressing that hangs from the ceiling can envelope you in sensuality and warmth while adding texture, design, and colour to ceiling.

3. Keep the Bedroom Simple: 
A Bedroom should look cosy and simple, sophisticated, elegant, regardless of what style you choose for decoration. For ease of movement you must leave Furnish your bedroom with only what you need, just like Bed, Side tables, Dressing table or wardrobes. Accessories should be kept to a minimum, choose a beautiful artwork, arrange some photo frames, add flowers and candles. Use matching curtains to furniture or wall colour.

4. Choose the Right Size Furniture:
When you are going to buy a furniture for Bedroom, start with floor plan and measured drawing of the space. Furniture should be fit in the room. Don’t choose heavy and large bed and dresser for small size bedroom. If the ceiling is high, a tall headboard will help you to visibly bring it down to size. If your bedroom size is large, then choose the furniture that fits in the room. Add a chair or piece of furniture at the end of the bed.

5. Have a plenty of Storage:  To add a elegant feeling in the bedroom, Store your things out of the sight. For that you have to do following things:
1. Choose a bedside table with Drawers or doors behind which you can hide books, lotions, or reading glassed within reach but out of sight.   
2. Use a trunk or storage bench at the foot of the bed to store extra sheets, blankets etc.
3. For easy access to books and reading glasses, you can use a headboard with built in shelves or sliding panels.

6. Include a Private Nook: 
You have to give yourself a special gift with a quiet place to sit and read. Create a reading or lounging area with comfortable chair and footstool at the end of the bed or a corner in the room.

7. Indulge in Luxuries Linens:
Outfit your bedroom with beautiful Fabrics. There is nothing that adds comfort to your room like beautiful Linens. Cover the walls with silk or textured wall coverings.

8. Cover the Windows:
 If you want to see the nature from window and also want a privacy you can use sheer curtains with the textured and plain curtains, so that when you want to see outside the window through sheer curtains you can see. and when you want privacy you can use textured or plain curtains that block the view and you will get the privacy.

9. Include Lighting Options:  
You can use several lighting options to your bedroom to look your room elegant. You can use ambient lighting for the ambiance. You can use lamp lights on the side table so when you want to read you can use that lamp.