Makeover Home Space with Residential Interior Designer in Pimple Saudagar

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Interior designing is the process of upgrading the interior of a building, commercial space, or home. Upgraded interior gives a pleasing environment to people who use that space. An interior designer is someone who plan, do research, manage projects, Coordinate with labours.  

Residential interior designers are the people who plan and design the interior element of home for comfort and Functionality. One of the biggest scoping field for interiors designers is residential interior design, or the spaces where people live. It includes houses, apartments and bungalows. Architect builds the house, but its interior designer’s job to make it home.  

Residence is place where you relax, cook and eat, you entertain your friends and family guests. Interior designers need to focus on colour, lighting, furniture, appliances, and the general layout meet these needs. In simple words home interior needs to be livable.  As we know residential interior design focused on livability, designers and architects must be work closely to overcome the issues during the interior of a home.

Here are some points that makes your home interior functional:

The Focal point: Sometimes rooms have natural focal points. Focal point means when we entered in room our eye travel first on that place. Focal points are like fire place, window with a nice view, bookcase. If our room does not have focal point we have to create it with art.

Furniture: Determine whether the furniture satisfies the functions you've planned for the room, or is it suitable to or matching to your room.

Lighting: Lighting should be selected for the functions of the room as well as for visual appeal. We need white lights in room for reading purpose and warm lights for the ambiance in the room. Warm light gives classy look to the room.

Furniture arrangement: Draw your room on paper. Measure and mark electrical outlets and switches, vents, windows and doors. Measure your furniture and accordingly place on the floor. Place your main furniture towards the focal point.       

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As an interior designer we need to consider the primary function of a residence, it is a place where people live. Therefore residential designer’s primary focus is creating a liveable space. It means the design of a home needs to be comfortable and usable.