Curtain Ideas to dress Your Windows Right

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Curtains are the one of the most important part of interior design. Curtain is the Focal point of the room. Every window at your home requires a compliment. Windows are not look good without curtains. If you design your windows with curtains right then it becomes the focal point of the room. Without curtains room interior is not complete. Curtains are more or less perfect fit in every home.

There is a lot of variety you get in curtains today.  Here are some of the useful ideas given by best Interior Designer in Pimpri Chinchwad for window curtains: ·

  • Blend of opaque & sheer curtains: Sheer curtains are the best option for classy look to the room, but most of the people refuse to use sheer curtains because of the privacy reason. So sheer curtains used with blend of opaque is the best option for your window.    
  • Layer it up:  By layering the curtains you can give a wonderful touch to the room. To layer up curtains you simply need a mixture of curtains. Adding layers with curtains gives a luxury look to the room.  
  • Stylish but simple:  For your formal dining room set up  below ceiling you can drape a heavy curtains. It gives very good impact on room. Go for curtains In Jacquard or silk pattern. It is also important to select the right curtains hardware. You can also go for wooden curtains rods to give majestic touch to your room.
  • Pretty and Practical:  Deep blue is sure to go well with your contemporary bedroom setup and add a warm touch to a room. And if possible try to hang curtains close to the window frame to keep Natural light at bay and enjoy the cozy environment.
  • Bold Contrast:  Decorate your home windows as the way you like. If you like bold and contrasting color then doesn’t hesitate to do the experiment. It will make the windows focal to your room and gives the refreshing feel to the room.
  • Match curtains with Furniture:  Some people thinks if furniture and curtains are with same color then it looks a matchy- matchy. But if the colors are solid then it won’t look like you are going over the top.
  • Go luxurious with Silk:  You want your living room look best, so why not add some silk curtains for an classy vibes. You can choose between patterned and solid, but we prefer the streamlined look so that the material can really shine.