9 Interior Designing Ideas to Make Small Room Look Big

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Interior design is the process of Improvement of your existing space. Make your home interior more functional or liveable. Interior designers are the peoples who are experts in designing homes and commercial spaces, they do Planning, manage things for us, co-ordinate with respective peoples and manage labours.

They understand our needs and accordingly design our home in our affordable Budget. Interior designers work in such way that small rooms look bigger than they are. In today’s word, all of we know that Population is increase day by day and there is shortage of land for the people to make their homes, so people need to live in apartments.
 In apartment there are many flats, so every flat has specific space, beyond that we don’t have any space to use. Prize of the flat based on per square feet area. If our budget is low our flat has small rooms.

 Interior Designers helps us to make room look bigger than it is. Design Mantra Studio is one of the best Residential Interior Designer in Vishrantwadi provides top solutions to design home spaces using modern, contemporary, classic, traditional, aesthetics, ETC styles to transfer small home spaces into luxurious interior.

Here are some Interior Designing Tips to make small room look bigger:

Ceiling Statement:
Ceiling of a room is more important part of room that helps to make your room look bigger. Choose a proper design for a ceiling. If your ceiling has odd or sloped shape pattern ceiling design is right choice for you.  

Mount Night lamp on wall beside bed:
 Instead of using a side table for night lamps, mount your night lamp on wall beside the sides of bed.  

To make your room look brighter you can use all over white colour to room or any light shade colours.

4. Bold Colours: If you love colours you can go for it, in that case select bold and eye-catching colours, also a pattern colours can help distract from the size of space.

5.  Utilize Every space for storage: As room is small we already have a small space for storage so utilize every space, make storage under bed and make drawers.

6. Add horizontal wood planks to the walls: Horizontal wood planking visually tricks the eye in this bedroom, making the room appear wider than it is.  

Use a desk as nightstand:
Instead of making lot of furniture in room, choose pieces of furniture that can be use  for multiple purpose, like desk can be used as nightstand.

8. Reflect light with mirrors: Mirrors can make powerful impact in small room by reflecting lights on the mirrors, it makes room look bigger and brighter.  

Display your accessories as décor:
Instead of making another storage for accessories you can serve your accessories as decoration of your bedroom.

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