Few things to learn about interior designing of commercial property

The whole world of interior designing is separated into two divisions which are commercial interior designing and residential interior designing. And it is classified on the basis of practices and theories for creating plans for either residential or commercial spaces. And both of them lay poles apart from each other. The one who is expert in residential interior designing cannot show the same amount of mastery in commercial interior designing.

Initial Consultation.
Schematic design
Final design
Purchasing & installing
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Commercial Interior Designiner in Pune

The vision, perspective and requirements of designing a residential property lie on the personality and preference of the resident. And so, it is important for the designers to design or renovate the house according to the resident’s personality and preference.

The designing or renovation is carried out by elimination or adding flooring design, structural elements, proper lighting, setting of doors and windows, selecting the theme and design of the furniture, and more.
Most of the factors related to residential interior designing come from the perspective of the client. But when it comes to commercial property interior designing, it is more about setting up space for the various businesses as well as the service for which it requires a completely separate of parameters.
So, in commercial interior designing, the application and scope is vaster. From malls, to retail stores, office, restaurants, banks, cinema halls, hotels, and many more falls under the commercial category.

And being a reputed Commercial Interior Designer in Pune, we follow the key rules of commercial property interior designing which are:

Versatile structure

One of the key rules of commercial interior designing is versatility in every corner. Unlike home, commercial properties need to have versatile design in every corner. This will help to keep the space alive and set a different tone in every corner.

Implementation of technology

Consider designing an office space, what are the factors you will need to consider.
1. Spaces for rows of computer,
2. Separate spaces for separate designation. And you certainly don’t want a clutter. So, we consider space management a primary aspect of office interior designing.

Upgraded aesthetics

Upgraded aesthetic is essential while designing a hotel or restaurant to set up the right vibe. This can be done by minute changes without violating the basic parameters.


The most important part of commercial property design remains in safety design. And we make sure that safety is not compromised while designing a commercial property.